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National Autistic Society

We are the UK’s leading charity for people on the autism spectrum and their families. Since 1962, we have been providing support, guidance and advice, as well as campaigning for improved rights, services and opportunities to help create a society that works for autistic people.

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Autism Assemble

Autism Assemble is a new multimedia online support group. We feel every voice in the autism community should be listened to. Led by autistic people, we want to open up conversations to parents, carers and professionals as well as supporting others on the spectrum. We believe the more conversations that are had, the more progress we can make as a community. By understanding everyone’s perspective, we can make a better life for us all.

Autism Assemble was formed by Connor Ward and Holly Smith. Connor was diagnosed at 18 and has since worked in many fields to try and make lives better for fellow people on the spectrum. Most work falls under the brackets of public speaking, consulting and vlogging. He’s worked with some of the most recognisable brands in the country on autism projects including Disney and Strictly Come Dancing.

Holly was diagnosed at 26 and built up her own empire online, running many money-saving pages and groups including the most active Facebook group in the world. Holly has also done advocacy work including her BBC Radio 1 Documentary “The Asperger’s Money Saver”.

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Autism Eye

Autism Eye, media partner of The Autism Show and Autism Learns, offers in-depth, independent and useful information for parents and professionals.

Autism Eye is edited by Gillian Loughran and its publisher is Gillian’s husband, Mark Hayes. Not only are they both award-winning magazine editors and writers with years of experience in the UK publishing business, but they are also the parents of Finn, their beloved son, who has autism.

Autism Eye was borne out of the frustration that Gillian and Mark felt about the lack of useful and unbiased information for parents of children with ASD. Although the couple have tried a variety of interventions that have helped improve their son’s life, they found it harder than it should have been to make proper, informed judgements about how to treat their child’s autism. There has been little in-depth, rigorous coverage available about therapies and educational interventions.

Autism Eye aims to change that scenario by keeping parents informed about the best treatments for their child – and to help them avoid the worst.

Autism Eye offers free digital subscriptions here: and will feature The Autism Show: Webinar Week in their summer issue, which will be available to view here:

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SEN Magazine

SEN Magazine is a glossy, full colour magazine published every two months and packed full of interesting and authoritative features, news and articles covering all issues to do with SEN and disability. It’s essential reading for teachers, SENCOs, carers, parents, therapists and all practitioners in special needs.
SEN magazine articles and features cover:
  • all major conditions (such as autism, ADHD, dyslexia, cerebral palsy and Down’s syndrome)
  • mental health
  • literacy and numeracy
  • visual and hearing impairments
  • behaviour
  • teaching children with special educational needs
  • general issues of education, care and government legislation
  • manual handling
  • special schools and mainstream schools
Additional SEN magazine sections include:
  • news
  • CPD, training and events listings
  • what’s new: latest products and ideas from the world of SEN
SEN Magazine is distributed to all special schools in the UK and is available on subscription to mainstream schools. Copies are also mailed directly to our ever-growing list of subscribers and to key decision makers in local education authorities.
For more information call 01200 409 800, email, or visit