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About Us

We are parents of an autistic son. Following his diagnosis over ten year’s ago, as is still the case for so many parents, we felt lost and didn’t know where to go next, or what the future might hold. As a result we developed The Autism Show to help others like us, as well as the thousands of professionals who help, support and teach autistic people every day.

We work with a team of autistic adults, other parents of autistic children, and organisations such as the National Autistic Society, to ensure that we are doing our very best to fulfil the needs of our visitors.

The Autism Show offers a broad expanse of  information and direction for those who live or work with autism. However by covering so much content we are unable to delve as deeply into certain subjects as some visitors might need.

Hence we also developed Autism Learns, to provide in-depth knowledge and understanding on key topics, in a conference format, both online and offline.